Cremation Urns Bronze American Made

American Made Bronze mini-urn

Mini Urn

Our cremation urns are too small to hold the complete remains of a loved one.  They are mini urns.

I am a designer blacksmith of 35 years.  Working as a blacksmith, with a fire, hammer and anvil, I hand forged the round urn (cylinder), lid and scrolls.

Precision molds will be made of this original, copyrighted urn.  With these molds, bronze (not brass) reproductions will be cast.

The cast bronze will then be given a patina, resulting in a beautiful warm/gold color.

The cost of the finished urn, including an engraved name and date(s) base plate will be $837.00.  The price includes shipping anywhere in the lower 48 U.S. states.

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Urn With Tools

In this photograph, some household tools and a ruler have been placed in front of the cremation urn.

These household tools will give you a sense of scale.

The wood urn base is 4 1/4" deep and 13 inches wide.

The bronze cremation urn, measuring from the top of the wood base, to the very top of the lid, is 5 1/8" tall.

The outside diameter of the urn is 2"

Perspective View

In this 3/4 view and the view with the tools, you can see more easily, the name plate in front of the urn.  On this nameplate, birth and death dates can be added.

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